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Pack Passion Week 2023

22-24 May 2023

Chief Operation Officer

Sudha Jebadurai

Chief Operations Officer | Agr International

Presentation topic:

Manual vs. Automated Process Control –

Prepared for the Future?



The reheat stretch blow molding process has advanced significantly over the past quarter century.  Production speeds per cavity have increased tenfold.  Material processing weights are reduced to a similar degree. 


Use of recycled materials is on the rise.  This high speed, light weighted, rPET process is no longer a fit for antiquated manual process control methods.  Manual processes (both process control & quality assurance testing) will lead to lower productivity, thereby lower your profitability. 


Think Process Automation – which delivers increased factory productivity by streamlining the processes, lowering running costs, delivering higher quality and higher production speeds.




Sudha Jebadurai serves AGR in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer responsible for the Profit/Loss of the business.  She has been with AGR for 23 years, starting as a software engineer and growing through the ranks as Project Manager, Engineering Manager and Director of Operations, before being elected as the COO.  She has worked closely in development of the key products at AGR and also worked with key customers around the world on key projects.  She understands the market needs, and how AGR can offer sustainable and efficient solutions for both the glass and the plastic packaging industry.  Sudha earned her Engineering degree from Pondicherry Engineering College and Masters of Business Administration from The Ohio State University in 2019.  Sudha & Basanth have been married for 23 years, and have 2 sons, and live in Poland, Ohio.

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