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Pack Passion Week 2023

22-24 May 2023

Head of Product Management Bloc & Plastics

Robert Aust

Head of Product Management Bloc & Plastics| KRONES

Presentation topic:

Contiloop AI -
AI-based process control system 



Krones has developed an AI-based process control system, Contiloop AI, for its Contiform stretch blow molder.

The system uses AI-based software and new hardware to detect variations in material distribution in the production of PET containers and automatically adjusts key stretch-blow-molding parameters in real-time.

The technology addresses the challenges of producing PET containers, which include daily changes in the environmental conditions, high production speeds, demand for recycled PET, and reduced weight of containers.

Contiloop AI ensures a high level of quality in the produced bottles, reduces manual interventions, and minimizes offline quality assurance.



After his education at KRONES, he was working for seven years as an industrial mechanic. Between 1999 and 2003 he studied Information Technology and worked as a SAP programmer.

In 2001 he joined the KRONES Plastics Division where he worked as a Product Specialist and later as a Product Manager.

Since 2008 he is leading the Plastics Technology product management team at KRONES, which is also including the Block Technology since 2021. 

Robert Aust is German, born in 1975 and married with two children.

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