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Pack Passion Week 2023

22-24 May 2023

Packaging Sustainability Manager 

Dr. Wei Zhang

Packaging Sustainability Manager  | Plastics Technologies, Inc.

Presentation topic:

Creating a snapshot of PCR quality as the world demands more in PET packaging



Abstract: With rPET – EVERYTHING IS A SNAPSHOT and you must get data over a long period of time to get a base for what the true quality is from any and all suppliers. It isn’t as simple as you think. Through rigorous testing systems we can begin to understand what the quality issues may be with all types of rPET collections, from curbside to deposit, and set a roadmap of expectations and ways to ensure rPET success in your packaging.



Dr. Wei Zhang, Packaging Sustainability Manager, has been a Senior Material Scientist with PTI for the last 8 years. Wei represents PTI at APR sitting on the technical committees for PET, polyolefins, and film, and as an active member has developed and refined several APR critical guidance testing protocols.  She had extensive experience with various plastic materials, including bio-based and bio-derived. She works with major brands to understand the capabilities of advanced recycled materials. She also works with materials producers to develop PEF for CSD packaging, and she has processed PHA PHSB container and EBM containers.

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