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Pack Passion Week 2023

22-24 May 2023

Commercial Head  

Paul Niedl

Commercial Head | Starlinger recycling technology 

Presentation topic:

Decades of accumulated knowledge in plastics processing and mechanical engineering transformed into cutting-edge technology – Starlinger recoSTAR PET art

Starlinger’s new bottle-to-bottle recycling system cuts down on production costs.

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The recoSTAR PET art recycling line is the company’s latest model in the field of PET recycling. In addition to Starlinger’s established technology solutions such as excellent decontamination performance for food contact applications and impeccable rPET pellet quality, the new system is characterized by particularly low energy consumption and considerably simplified maintenance processes.

To design the recycling process as efficient and energy-saving as possible has been one of the main topics at Starlinger recycling technology for many years. The newly conceived PET bottle-to-bottle recycling system recoSTAR PET art scores not only with 25 % less energy consumption compared to the previous model, it also requires 46 % less maintenance time, has a 21 % smaller machine footprint, and a production output increase of 15 %. In total, bottle-to-bottle recyclers can save about 21 % in production cost with the new system.


One of the main changes in the new PET recycling system is the combination of the previously two separate drying units with a residence time of around one hour each into one larger unit with a residence time of two hours. In addition, there is no vacuum degassing required anymore. Both innovations contribute to reduce energy consumption and maintenance requirements of the new line significantly. 




Paul Niedl looks back at more than 20 years in the plastics industry.

He joined Starlinger in 1999 as sales manager for the company’s plastics recycling lines, moving on to handle packaging and recycling machinery sales in the CIS and Baltic countries.

In 2017 he was appointed Commercial Head of Starlinger recycling technology and since then is responsible for sales, marketing, and finances of the division.

Paul holds degrees in polymer engineering, management and finance.

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