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Pack Passion Week 2023

22-24 May 2023

Chief Commercial Officer

Luca Nanetti

Chief Commercial Officer | WISECAP Group

Presentation topic:

The Game-Changer: Tethered Closures



Tethered closures will soon become a daily reality in the beverage market throughout Europe and other areas of the world as well. This is a real revolution for plastic cap and closures manufacturers down to the end-users. 

This is a unique opportunity to continue delivering innovative solutions and improving the drinking experience of the end-users while bringing in added value.

Tethered closures introduction is the first activity out of a broader action plan that can really lead to a more sustainable approach to the Beverage Industry where plastics represent an important resource rather than an obstacle.

Luca will be delivering a full overview of the innovative solutions available in the portfolio of Wisecap® Group.



Luca has over 25 years’ experience in packaging. He has occupied various positions in sales, marketing, B.U. management and his activity has given him the opportunity to handle business in almost all continents.

He started his professional career in Public Relation in real estate legal affairs in Southern California in ’91. 

He entered the hardware business as Key Accounts Manager for CISA in ‘92. 

In 2000 he joined SACMI Imola where he covered various positions from area sales management to marketing to B.U. management. Luca was deeply involved in the Caps & Closure business as well as the container business.

He joined WISECAP Group in 2018 as Chief Commercial Officer

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